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What is Cape Coast famous for?


Cape coast—in the central region of Ghana—is arguably the hottest tourist destination in the country.

Its beaches, history, atmosphere and historic colonial structures among others could be the fuel and force propelling it to such status.

Not-in-so-much-good condition colonial buildings, most covered in graffiti, dotted along the streets can severely attract your passion together with your curiosity to explore more.

Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama, has made it known that Cape coast is literally her ancestral home.

On the 11th of July 2009, she visited with her children and husband, then president of the United States of America.

Here are a few reasons why most people consider Cape coast the best tourist destination in the Ghana:

Kakum national park.

This national park located just 30 kilometres away from Cape coast is adored by tourists. One of the sectors of this magical place that anyone who gets there should explore is the canopy walkway.

Slave trade castles

The well known Cape coast castle was a transatlantic slave trade castle established in the year 1555. During such an inhumane era, slaves were held in this castle and after a few days, loaded onto ships and sold to the Americas.

Just 13km away from the Cape coast castle is the Elmina castle, another huge castle used during the slave trade era.


Fort William and fort Victoria were built in the year 1820 and 1702 respectively. Until the early 1980s, Fort William was a very active lighthouse since 1835.

Kotokuraba market

It is the biggest market in the whole of Cape coast; filled with almost anything you might think of buying: from colourful fabrics to diverse food products.

Ogua Fetu festival

The Ogua Fetu Afahye takes place on every Saturday of every September of every year. It is a festival celebrated to remember the end of the outbreak of a disease and also to prevent it from happening ever again.


The seafront of Cape coast is lined with numerous great beach resorts/hotels including the coconut grove hotel and Oasis beach resort hotel. By the way, Cape coast has some of the cleanest beaches in the country.


The Pan African Historical Theatre Project, a biennial festival, is held for all Africans including the ones in the diaspora. Its extremely colourful nature has earned it a great reputation  and recognition as one of the best festivals on the continent.

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