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A day at the Aburi botanical gardens

Cosy atmosphere and thick tall greenish palm trees welcomed me to the magnificent Aburi Botanical Gardens.

The garden, one of the most visited tourist sites in the Eastern region of Ghana, was established in the month of March of the year 1890; it literally covers an area of 64.8 hectares.

It is the nearest garden to the the country's capital, Accra; just 45 minutes drive away. Perfect area to bond with nature and also escape the intense hustle and bustle.

I love food, especially the local dishes, so let me introduce you to the unavoidable Royal botanical garden Restaurant; oh my goodness, very interesting spot! In fact, it is unskippable. Just hop in when you get there and pamper yourself with something delicious. The fresh air cannot be left unspoken of.

The Royal botanical garden Restaurant

Apart from the fresh air, what makes the royal restaurant interesting is that, it is literally surrounded by enormous vegetation, birds and colourful butterflies that often encourages tourists to spend more time eating.

The worn out and abandoned buildings triggers unexpected inner energy and pushes you to explore more.

Along the strolling path is a Strangler Ficus tree that draws attention of tourists almost everyday; it is apparently one of the oldest.

Ficus tree

In a fruitful season, here are some fruits you would come across in the garden: papaya, breadfruit, star fruit and pineapple.

The colonial era hotel located in the middle of the garden always draws attention due to its old and admirable appearance.

Visiting the garden without checking out the tree—which has an art work of people climbing to a leader to ask for help carved on it —is like visiting Paris without checking out the Eiffel tower.

Wood artwork showing people climbing a ladder to ask for help from a leader.

The photoshoot hotspot of the garden is the spot where the World War II British helicopter is located. This same spot is a perfect playing ground for kids.

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