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Osu, Accra, Ghana, the home of nightlife

There are several nightlife hotspots in Ghana but for real, Osu, Accra is the real deal. Its streets and neighborhood is filled with pubs, bars, nightclubs, hotels, fast food restaurants, shops and many more. Osu just does not sleep!

Container and the Republic bar and grill are a few of the most popular roadside pubs in the neighborhood. A sit is provided in an open space and requested drinks are served while some cool songs are being played or sometimes performed live by the real song owners (artists).

Oh you are so eager to hear about the nightclubs! Aren't you? Okay! There are numerous nightclubs in Osu; most of which are very popular among the locals and tourists/visitors.
The republic bar, shisha lounge, purple pub, firefly, plot7 and bloombar are some of the most popular nightclubs in the Osu neighborhood.

When it comes to places to dance salsa, Bachata, kizomba, Semba and any other dance you can think of, Osu has got it all. Little Havana, Coco lounge and firefly are few of many spots where these dances are often danced.
If you want to learn to dance, then I suggest you reach out to the Salsa In The City Crew; they have very good dance instructors.

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