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Is there Internet in Ghana?

Whenever a traveller is about to visit Ghana for the first time, what he/she does first is to search online to see whether there is internet in the country (Ghana) or not because internet as we all know is one the basic needs nowadays.

In 1994, Ghana became the first African country to be connected to the internet. So internet is not really a problem in the country.

There are several internet service providers in Ghana who makes it easy for their customers to get quick access to the internet at a cost.

The popular network providers in the country now includes:
1. MTN Ghana
2. Vodafone Ghana
3. AirtelTigo
4. Expresso
5. Glo

What you should do as soon as you touch down in Ghana is to replace your foreign SIM card with that of the ones from any of the network providers in the country.

SIM cards are quite easy to acquire in Ghana and really cheap as well. You can buy a SIM card at the roadside or in all the service providers offices across the country.

New SIM cards comes with a few amount of credit and data for calls and browsing, respectively.

There is no problem if you would like to surf the internet in an internet café because the country is quite dotted with many of them. They charge quite less too.

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