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How to get free lodging when traveling

Lodging is one of the most expensive aspects of traveling. Apparently, hotels and hostels prices raises in the traveling season, that is, sometime in the summer. Knowing how to get free lodging when traveling can help save a whole lot of money for your next travel.

Here are a few tips we have put together on how to get free lodging when traveling:

1. Get in touch with family and friends who resides in the particular part of the country you are traveling to.
A friend or family may be having an extra room where you are traveling to. Telling him or her about it may result in you having a free accommodation waiting for you at your destination.

2. Camping
It is allowed to wild camp on public lands of almost all the countries in the world for free.
Simply get your camping equipments and you are good to go.
Note: make sure you double check to see if camping is absolutely allowed at your traveling destination. If there are rules attached to camping at the destination, make sure you adhere to them.

3. Become a travel blogger.
Writing a travel blog can land you a whole lot of free accommodation when traveling.
If your blog has quite a significant amount of following, hotels, hostels and other companies would like to work with you in order to get access to your audience. Hotels and hostels in particular, would like to provide you with free accommodation in exchange for good reviews on your blog.

4. Be part of a hospitality club.
Some people, in order to know different people with different backgrounds, love to host strangers in their various homes for a short period of time. Joining a worldwide hospitality club can help you connect with such individuals who do not mind to freely offer their homes as a free lodging space to travelers.

5. Agree to house sit.
There are quite a number of individuals who would not like to leave their homes unoccupied when traveling in order to avoid criminals from stealing from them.
There are several websites out there specifically designed to allow individuals who would like to house sit to get in touch with homeowners. You can simply search for a home in your traveling destination and just go for it.

6. Becoming a critic can be very helpful.
Some individuals, because of one reason or the other, prefer lodging in hotels instead of homes of strangers. If you are one of such people but truly want to get free lodging when traveling, you should try to become a hotel critic.
Being a hotel critic means you would review hotels for websites, newspapers, a travel blog etc.
Because these hotels want people to hear only good things about them, they would try as much as possible to make sure you feel very comfortable by providing free accommodation and free food as well.

7. Swapping of homes.
There are quite a number of websites out there that has been created specifically to connect individuals who are into swapping of homes for a given amount of time.
The way it works is quite simple actually; you simply have to find someone who would allow you to stay at his or her place when traveling. To repay such a person, you would also agree to allow him or her to stay at your place when he or she travels to the area in which you are someday.

8. Serving as a nonprofit organization's volunteer.
Serving as a volunteer for a non-profit organisation comes with a whole lot of benefits. One of those benefits is free lodging during your travels. The nonprofit organizations can arrange for a volunteer to lodge in accomodations owned by donors or some of the employees.

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