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How To Book The Cheapest Flights Possible To Anywhere

Every traveller especially the ones on budget always prefer the cheapest flights possible in order to save money for accommodation or food. It is quite difficult nowadays to book cheap flights due to the immense pressure imposed by travellers on various airlines.
Since finding cheap flights is quite difficult, we have tried our absolute best to bring out some new ways or tips to help you make it happen easily and real quick.

1. Check out the cheapest day to fly out.
Most travelers do say booking on Tuesdays is the best; that is not all that true.
Apparently, there is no specific day that can be pinpointed as a cheapest day to fly.
Sometimes it is cheaper to fly on weekdays.

Most of the times, the best way to check out days that are cheapest for your direction of travel is by checking the prices of the days in the whole month and figuring out which days are the cheapest for wherever you are about to travel to.

 Here is a simple way to do that:
1. Get the Skyscanner app or simply go to their website.
2. Key in the departure city and the arrival city.
3. Now, choose "one-way".
4. Click on "Depart".
5. With the date, choose "Whole Month" and after that, select "Cheapest Month".
6. Select "Search Flights" to get the  date which is the apparent cheapest.

2. Budget airlines
Budget airlines are widely known to offer cheaper tickets than the full service airlines. It is a good way to save money during a trip but it definitely comes with downsides like no free drink or food and little spaces provided for legs to occupy.

3. Search for flights with the best search engines.
Every flight search engine inflates flight cost in order to get their cut from the  various airlines.
Most of these search engines consistently inflates greater than others.
 Here are the ones that we know offers the best prices:
1. Skyscanner
2. Momondo
3. Airfare watchdog

4. Make sure you search for flights in a private or incognito mode of your browser.
Flight prices increases anytime with respect to how often you search for them in your browser; this is because the search engines checks out your browser cookies. They increase the prices the more you search to make you book flights quickly in order to avoid further increases.

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