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5 Best Travel Workouts Which Requires No Equipment

Do you always travel? Are you about to travel and really wondering how you are going to keep up with your fitness? Well, there is no need to panic; there are several workouts you can engage yourself in, in order to stay healthy without any equipment. These workouts we are about to talk about can be performed in a hotel or hostel rooms safely and efficiently.

 Here are 5 best travel workouts you should try during your travels:

1. Luggage Rows

Well, nothing is unimportant in this world. The luggages may seem to be very disturbing during travels but hey, they can play a major role in health status.
All what you as a traveller has to do is to kneel on a chair with one leg and the other leg off the chair.
Now hold your bag strongly with a flat back and gently move it up and down repeatedly.

2. Push-ups

Place your hands and feet on the floor, make sure your whole body is straight, and move down and up repeatedly.

Come on, push-ups is quite easy and comes along with several benefits so  start doing it already!
Read this: Health Benefits Of Push-ups.

3. Plank Saws

Plank saws is done by positioning or placing the forearms and elbows literally on a smooth floor and staying still for some minutes depending on how fit you are.
You can lift off one leg as shown in the picture below, to increase the effectiveness of the workout.

4. The Decline Push-ups

This is done by placing your feet on a bed or chair and your hands on the floor. Your entire body should be as straight as possible. Now lower the chest and push it back up repeatedly like the usual push-ups.

5. Incline Push-ups

This is a perfect opposite of the decline push-ups.
With this, you would rather have to place your hands on the chair or short table or bed and place your feet on the floor. Now go down and up repeatedly just like the normal push-ups. Make sure your whole body, from head to toe, is in a straight line.

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