Do away with your shopping addiction (oniomania) so you can save more

Oniomania or compulsive buying disorder or shopping addiction is the situation whereby an individual just cannot stop him or herself from buying anything that he or she comes across even if it is not all that important.

If you are addicted to shopping, there are several problems that could befall you and one of such problems is inability to save money.
You may turn to spend any bit of money you have got just to satisfy your shopping desire.

Now here are some tips that can help you get rid of your shopping addiction:

1. Go shopping with physical cash instead of a credit card.
You cannot stop yourself from shopping but you can reduce the amount of money you often spend on shopping. Just avoid going for shopping with a credit card; go with physical cash instead and remember not to take too much cash along. This would probably limit the way you shop.

2. Make a list of things you need to buy whenever you are going for shopping and stick to them.
You must know your needs and wants. Your needs are probably the most important things that one way or the other, you just cannot live without. Make sure you always jot them down whenever you are going for shopping and add maybe one or at most two of your wants to it.

3. Self discipline
Self discipline is a recipe for success in any sort of venture you find yourself.
Talk to yourself, both inward and outward. Now make yourself realize that you really need to put an end to your shopping addiction and I bet you, in a few days, weeks or months, you will start seeing a desirable improvement.

4. Becareful about how you shop online.
Online shopping is the cause of several shopping addiction in recent times.
Not shopping with physical cash often do not draw your attention to how excessively you are spending.
Technology is now part of us so I cannot say you should completely stay away from online shopping; just try as hard as you can to limit it.