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You Need Vaccinations To Go To Ghana

The first question first-time travelers to Ghana often ask is, do I need  vaccination to go to Ghana?
Yes of course, you do need certain vaccinations for Ghana.

Yellow fever vaccination has literally been made compulsory by the Ghanaian government for any foreigner who would like to enter the country.
Foreigner's without a documentation to prove that they have received a yellow fever vaccine would not be allowed entry.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) reccommends the yellow fever vaccination and other widely known vaccinations.

Some of these other vaccinations reccomended by World Health Organisation for foreigners who would like to travel to Ghana includes:
1. Hepatitis A vaccination
2. Typhoid vaccination
3. Hepatitis B vaccination
4. Mumps vaccination
5. Rabies vaccination
6. Rubella vaccination
7. Tetanus vaccination
8. Shingles vaccination
9. Pneumonia vaccination
10. Influenza vaccination
11. Measles vaccination
12. Polio vaccination
13. Meningitis vaccination
14. Chickenpox vaccination
15. Cholera vaccination

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