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White Sands Beach Resort And Spa

White Sands Beach Resort and spa—a charming and luxurious beach resort—is situated in a 60 hectares  tropical garden filled with different exotic plant species from about nine separate countries. The view of its private beach is just breathtaking.

It is located at Gomoa Fetteh, Central Region, Ghana.

The resort with its beautiful private beach boasts of a club house, a tennis court, helipad, restaurant and bar, and many more.

Their rooms—from chalets to suites—are available to choose from.

Nature is immensely part of this resort's integral core. An orchid alley, canopied pathways, beautiful ponds, tropical flowers and many more are  available for guests to have a feel of.

The down-to-earth staff of White Sands Beach Resort played and still plays a significant role in the resort's success.
The staff is made up of individuals from several different countries hence guests swim in the comfort of diversified traditions and cultures.

This resort is a perfect spot for relaxation. It is also a perfect spot to calm the mind by staying clear off civilization—television, telephone system and any other distractive media gadget you can think of.

The resort's postal address: P.O Box CT 575, Accra, Ghana

TEL: +233-263050504
TEL: +233-263050506
TEL: +233-263050500

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