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What I Think About Ghana And Ghanaians [By A German Who Volunteered In Ghana]

What I can say about the majority: Most Ghanaians are truly religious, honest, respect plays an important role, unfortunately brutality towards kids still appears no matter if at home or at school (i don't say everywhere). Most are open minded towards foreigners, are proud of their country and their origin.

What i think about Ghana: the landscape and nature of Ghana could be a heaven on earth if the problem of rubbish and plastic everywhere were solved. I think most people aren't really aware of this problem or don't put enough effort in changing it. To me Ghana is a pretty safe but also poor country with a lot of potential which is in my eyes not efficiently used so far. You can see a lot of kids working on the streets instead of getting  proper education. In school the motivation of teachers may be better (of course not in every school), teaching technics are often based on drills, meaning to learn something by heart and to repeat it over and over again, which often leads to a lack of the actual understanding of the gist.

The hygienic standards necessarily need to be improved.

 But all in all I really want to highlight that I always felt safe in Ghana even though when I was traveling alone as a woman. People where always helpful and friendly. 

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