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Tourist Sites In The Eastern Region Of Ghana

1. Odomankoma Ahenfie Rocks.

This amazing tourist attraction at a village—called Aboabo in the Fanteakwa District, Eastern region, Ghana—is a home to rocks which are naturally carved into several beautiful shapes—blackboard, earthenware bowl, oware and many more.
The interesting fact about this tourist site is that, if you are sick and you touch any of the rocks, your sickness will disappear immediately and you would be all healed up.

2. Dodi Island & Dodi Princess.

The beautiful Dodi island is located about 5km off the lake Volta's shore.
The Dodi Princess is apparently the only cruise ship in Ghana at the moment. It traverses the largest man-made lake in the world by surface area, lake Volta.

3. Tini Waterfall
This waterfall is located about 5 kilometres away from Adasawase—a farming community near Anyinam.

4. Odweanoma Mountain (Atibie Paragliding)
Are you into paragliding? If your answer is yes then the perfect tourist site for you is Odweanoma Mountain at Atibie.

5. Adjeikrom Cocoa Trail
This village located in the Fanteakwa District is a perfect place for mountain hiking enthusiasts.

6. The Atewa-Atwirebu Butterfly Sanctuary
The forest of Atewa Atwirebu located about 10 kilometres from Kibi is filled with several different species of plants, birds and insects—especially butterflies.

7. The Great Baobab Tree (Adansonia Digitata).
The Dodowa Forest is where this tree—which is known to be the tree which was fired with the last bullet of the Shai warriors to declare the end of the Kantamanso War on 26th August, 1826—is located.

8. Tsenku Waterfall.
This waterfall with a height of over 250 feet is located at the northern corner of the Dodowa Forest.

9. Bunso Arboretum Forest Reserve.
The forest reserve at Bunso Arboretum is worth visiting. It houses over a hundred species of birds and plants.

10. Bunso Arboretum Butterfly Sanctuary.
This butterfly sanctuary at Bunso Arboretum is a home to several different species of colourful butterflies. 

11. Largest Tree In West Africa At Esen-epam Forest Reserve
Esen-epam Forest Reserve—known to be the home of the largest tree in the whole of West Africa—is situated near a small town called Asantemanso.

12. Aburi Botanical Gardens.

This gardens, about an hour drive from the country's capital, Accra is one of the famous tourist sites in the Eastern region and the whole of Ghana. It boasts of several collection of tropical flora which are known to pull different species of butterflies to the site.

13. Tetteh Quarshie's Cocoa Farm
I guess you already know Tetteh Quarshie, the man who brought cocoa to Ghana. His cocoa farm which is the first cocoa farm of Ghana was brought about as a result of cocoa seeds he brought to the country from Fernando Po Island.
Few of the first cocoa trees planted by Tetteh Quarshie are still apparently on this farm.
It is located at Akwapim Mampong.

14. Lake Volta & The Akosombo Dam

The lake Volta is the largest man-made lake in the world by surface area. It is the lake on which the cruising boat known as Dodi Princess operates. The biggest dam in Ghana is located at this site.

15. Abonse Slave Market
The 17th century slave trade left some memorable marks in this town that are still visible for tourists to check out.

16. Boti Falls

One of the beautiful waterfalls in the Eastern region and Ghana as a whole. It is located at Huhunya.

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