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Top 7 Safest And Most Peaceful Countries In Africa For Tourists

Most media outlets in Europe, Asia and America portrays Africa as a bad, dangerous, filthy and unhealthy continent. Most of the travellers from countries of those continents—especially Europe and America—always says that most of the news about Africa shown on their Televisions is either about the outbreak of diseases or terrorism; which is not all that true, not all of the countries on the African continent experiences such things.

Africa is much more than disease outbreaks and terrorism. There are several African countries that are very peaceful, friendly and free from deadly and  contagious diseases.

The African continent is known to be  inhabited by the most friendliest people in the world; they treat foreigners just like how they treat family. You would be talked to in public transports, hotels, hostels, on the streets and anywhere you find yourself. Sometimes you do not even have to ask for directions, you would be directed by the locals when they see you wondering around.

Also, Africa is a natural continent endowed with several tourist attractions and destinations such as beautiful beaches; castles and forts built as a result of the slave trade that occurred during the past; rare, beautiful, huge and wild animals; lakes; rivers; waterfalls and mountains.

The unique cultures are just eye-catching and jaw-dropping.
Africa is a perfect destination for every traveler especially the ones on budget—backpackers, volunteers, interns and many more—due to the availability of cheap hotels, hostels, transports and many more.

There are several countries in Africa that are very peaceful and great tourist destinations as well but we would talk about only seven of them today.

1. Ghana.
Ghana—a popular, serene and colourful country in West Africa—is unarguably one of the peaceful and safest countries in Africa and the world at large. Its tourist destinations and attractions—beaches,  national parks, wildlife reserves, castles, forts, UNESCO world heritage, waterfalls, lakes and many more—are just amazing. The locals are very friendly and always open to foreigners.
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2. Namibia.
Namibia is also a very safe African country. It's one of the best countries to turn your eye to if you are a traveller who is more into wildlife. Its Etosha National Park is known to be  home to several bird species.

3. Tanzania.
If you talk about peaceful African countries that has the most friendliest locals, just after Ghana, Tanzania will be next. The people are always open to visitors.
Have you ever heard of the mountain Kilimanjaro—the highest African mountain? Do you know where it is located?
 Well, Tanzania is the country in which it is located.
The Serengeti National Park is known to be inhabited by rhinos, lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards and many more.

4. Botswana
Botswana is also known to be a very peaceful and  safe country for tourists.
 It is a home to several animals including hippopotamuses, elephants, zebras, hyenas, wild dogs, cheetahs, girrafs and many more.
If you are traveler trying to see all these animals at the same place and at the same time, Botswana is where you must be.

5. Seychelles
Seychelles—an archipelago of 115 islands—is known to have beautiful beaches and nature reserves that attracts numerous tourists each and every year.
It is a very peaceful African country which is good for any kind of traveler including the solo ones.

 6. Madagascar.
Madagascar—a very big island— is a peaceful country located off the African southeastern coast. It is known to be endowed with thousands of animal species, beautiful beaches and several rainforests.

7. South Africa.
It is obviously one of the most developed countries in Africa and the world at large. It distinct ecosystems is quite fascinating. The country's beaches, cliffs, forests, lagoons and many more are what really keeps drawing more tourists each and every time of the year.

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