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Top 6 Beach Resorts In Ghana

Ghana is a country blessed with almost all the natural resources you can think of. Ranging from minerals, forests, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, lakes to the sea and many more. The seafront of Ghana is quite occupied by several beach resorts due its beautiful nature. Most of these beach resorts are worth checking out due to their intriguing and fascinating views and excellent services they offer.

Even though there are a lot of these resorts, we have decided to talk about just the top 6 today. We would be updating the list after visiting more of them so stay tuned.

Here are the top 6 beach resorts in Ghana:

1. Lou Moon.

The Lou Moon Lodge, located on a bay, has about 10 hectares of forest and jungle. If you would like to spend a night or more at the place, do not worry at all. At an affordable fee, you would get access to a room. It is undoubtedly the loveliest beach resort in Ghana.

It is a perfect place for love birds who wants to have a romantic moments without any sort of disturbances.
Contact: +23326 424 1549

2. Blue Diamond

The blue diamond resort located near Apam, a small fishing village, features a lovely spa and a beautiful beach. From the beautiful beach, you can gaze upon an amazing view of the old colonial castle.
Contact: +233 20 604 2265

3. Meet Me There.

This beach resort is located at Dzita. It is known to feature a lagoon. Apparently, this lodge is non-profit. All the funds generated by it is given back to the community through the improvement of education, the health sector, sanitation and many more.
 It is a perfect spot for relaxation.
Contact: +233 54 183 8387

4. Escape 3 points.

The escape 3 points is very popular among backpackers, residents of Accra and tourists.
It boasts of a turtle sanctuary, an amazing surf break, a beach bar and many more.
And hey, do not forget to spend a night or two to gaze upon the planetarium-like  beautiful stars in the sky at night.
Contact: +233 23 721 8700

5. The White  Sands Beach Resort and Spa.

This beautiful resort houses a pool, helipad, a club house, a restaurant and a tennis court.
It is a really nice spot for vacations and holidays.
Contact: +233 26 305 0500

6. The Coconut Grove Beach Resort.

The Coconut Grove beach resort has hosted and still hosts celebrities, head of states, presidents, European Royals and several other distinguished guests.
This beach resort boasts of an animal sanctuary and a golf course.
And hey, the Elmina Castle is just nearby.
Contact: +23324 433 3001

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