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This Is Why You Should Pay For An Uber Ride With Physical Cash In Ghana

The recent introduction of online ride services in Ghana has made it easier for people to move around in certain areas by just a touch of a smartphone's screen.
Uber is the most popular online ride service in the country so it is very important to know how it really works  whether you are a local or tourist.
Don't get confused if you are a foreigner, the Uber you  use wherever you are from isn't different from the one here in Ghana. What I'm about to tell you now is to help you boost your chances of getting Uber ride quickly after requesting and also to show you a way to avoid ride request cancellation.

For sometime now, I've realized that when most people request for an Uber ride with credit cards, their rides often gets cancelled but when they request with the cash payment option, everything goes through swiftly.
Then I got to know that, the drivers prefer physical cash payment to credit card payment.

So my advice is, if you want your ride request to go through easily with no stress, simply go for the cash payment option. Note that, they all do accept credit cards but they don't care to cancel your ride if someone request for a ride at the same time and he or she chooses the physical cash payment option.

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