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Review: Hostel Somewhere Nice

Somewhere Nice—situated in the heart of a serene, calm, clean and colourful neighbourhood of Kokomlemle, a town in the Accra metropolitan district—is a proud member of Bohemian Hostels (BoHo) which was established by Mathias Schwender, an entrepreneur and a theologist who is known to be engulfed by an immense feelings for old buildings and antique furniture.
He is also known to be very passionate about bringing travelers from around the globe under a strong and cozy heart-desirable single roof.

Bohemian Hostels (often shortened as BoHo) founded by Mathias Schwender has popular sister hostels; the name of these hostels are as follows: Sir Toby'sCzechinn, the Nicholas hotel residencemiss Sophie's and Sophie's hostel.

African-styled apartments, private rooms, dorm-like accommodations are all available at somewhere nice for every guest to pick from.

Ghanaian craftsmanship is the core source of designs at hostel somewhere nice.
The way and the level of which the Ghanaian culture is integrated into the hostel is just mind blowing, eye-catching and very intriguing to watch.

Somewhere nice tend to focus on being the most clean and the most environmentally friendly hostel in Ghana.
They often indulge in recycling of unwanted materials—example, old woods and car tires—into useful artifacts in order not to deviate from their philosophy of being environmentally friendly and working towards a cleaner, more environmentally-aware Ghana; sometimes unused  glass bottles for instance are often turned into glass cups for drinking.
A glass cup made from an unwanted bottle. You can also see an old wood and a tire turned into a beautiful artifact.

They have mix-gender 8-bed dorm-style rooms, apartments, and private rooms.

Pictures of almost all the rooms at hostel somewhere nice.
Hostel Somewhere Nice features a swimming pool, a bar just beside the pool, a garden, a dinning room closer to the kitchen, a beautiful terrace, Luggage storage, individual lockers in every dormitory, rain-head showers, laundry service, air conditioning and a free parking.
The pool
A Bar beside the pool
The pool at night

Furthermore, the amazing breakfast buffet, the WiFi and the clean drinkable water are absolutely free.
Breakfast at somewhere nice

A 24-hour security is always assured at somewhere nice. The reception is also always opened; 24 hours, each and every day of the week.

The friendly staff is literally one of the core reasons why guests always keeps going back to hostel somewhere nice. The staff's ability to make travellers feel at home even though they are far away from home is just intriguing and very fascinating.

9 Cotton Avenue, Kokomlemle, Accra is the apparent address of hostel somewhere nice. For bookings, visit their website: hostelaccra

The hostel is ten minutes and five minutes ride to Osu and the Kwame Nkrumah Circle respectively.
From the airport to the hostel is about 25 minutes ride.

These are what two travellers—who are from the Netherlands and also happened to be guests—had to say about hostel Somewhere Nice:

Alice Van den Bosse.
It is a really nice hostel. It is clean, the beds are comfortable and the people are very nice. Also I had a delicious breakfast. So keep going.

Anne lotte de Weerat 

Somewhere nice is a very lovely place to stay. The atmosphere, the vibe and the staff is great, also the breakfast and the pool. I miss the dinners that I had in summer 2017. Hope they come back. I definitely will come back again!

❤️, Anne lotte.

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