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Oktoberfest; world largest beer festival and travelling funfair

Have you ever heard of the world most popular and unarguably the largest Volksfest—beer festival and travelling funfair? Yeah, I am talking about the popular Oktoberfest.

It is held each and every year since the year 1810 in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Often starts from late September and ends on the first weekend of October.

Oktoberfest, which is often referred to as Wiesn by the locals, is very significant as far as the Bavarian culture is concerned.

Millions of litres of beer is consumed during this volksfest.
Numerous traditional foods are always available for visitors to choose from.

Sidestalls, amusement rides and several intriguing games are few of the numerous activities present at Oktoberfest.
Oktoberfest's opening day is marked with floats, carriage parades and many more colourful events.

At the moment, the exact number of tents at the Oktoberfest is thirty four. Twenty of which are small tents and the remaining fourteen are large tents.
The tents are wooden structures made purposely for the festival.

Traditional costume
Dressing up the traditional way is one of the major, not compulsory, but unavoidable, aspects of the Oktoberfest. Women dress up in Dirndl and men in Lederhosen.  

The popular Oktoberfest song
Have you ever heard of this song: Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit (A toast to cheer and good times). Even if you have never heard it, you would certainly know how to sing it after experiencing the festival.

Oktoberfest beer
The beers served at Oktoberfest are brewed within the city limits of Munich. An Oktoberfest beer must conform to the Reinheitsgebot.

Breweries that are known to produce Oktoberfest beer are Augustiner-Bräu, Hacker-Pschorr-Bräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, Spatenbräu and Staatliches Hofbräu-München.

Beer barrel tapping; O'zapft is!
This is when the lord mayor taps the first barrel of beer in the tent known as the Schottenhammel. The first litre of the beer is always drunk by the Bavarian Minister-President.
This part of the festival, even though less talked about, receives a whole lot of attention from visitors. Some even go further to bet on the number of strokes the mayor would use in order for the first litre of beer to flow.

What you would hear after the beer barrel is tapped is  "O'zapft is!" meaning "It's tapped!".

After the tapping, twelve gunshots would be fired on the Ruhmeshalle stairway. This signals the other restaurateurs to begin serving the beer.

You need not to be worried about your safety at all during Oktoberfest. A police station is installed to perform a specific task and that task, is to protect the individuals at the festival.
At the festival, in case the police help is needed, you can reach out to them on this emergency number: 5003220

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