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Is Ghana Safe For Tourists And Volunteers?

You have probably heard of a small but very popular country located in West Africa that is known to be a famous tourist destination. Yeah, I am talking about Ghana.

The question you have been asking yourself since you heard of the name of the country is: is it really a safe country for foreigners or tourists?
Well, the answer is a big YES! It is a very safe country for any kind of traveller.

Ghana is in fact one of the safest countries in Africa and the world at large. It is always featured in rankings of peaceful, friendly and safest countries on this planet, earth.

As I mentioned earlier in one of my articles—6 Reasons To Visit Ghana—a 2017 ranking of most peaceful countries in the world placed Ghana 43rd.
And in 2010, the World Economic Forum—ranking of the favourite tourist destinations in the world—placed Ghana 108th out of a total of 139 countries.
Ghana was listed fourth among 19 places to visit in the year 2019 by CNN.

Ghana is literally a perfect country for any kind of traveller—solo travellers, first time travellers, backpackers and many more.

Ghana has one of the most friendliest and welcoming people who always try their best to help foreigners anyway they can.

You are probably going to be talked by the locals whether you are walking by the roadside, lodging in hotels and hostels or travelling by a public transport popularly known as "trotro". What I mean is, everywhere you find yourself in Ghana, someone will definitely talk to you so do not find it to be weird when someone approaches you randomly.

If you are white and you find yourself in a Twi speaking town you would be referred to as "Obroni"; Krobo speaking town, you would be referred to as "Blefono"; Kotokoli speaking town, you would be referred to as "Anisara".

Ghana's tourism sector is booming, making it one of the best travel or tourist destination in the world. A very stable country as well.

A tourist once said to me that, she loves Ghana! Why because no one cares about time and organisation like how people do in Europe and America. The amazing thing is that, the needed and desirable results are always achieved even though things are done freely without planning or time restrictions.
Welcome to Ghana!!!

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