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How to keep your belongings safe in a hostel

The question on the mind of most travellers especially the newbies is whether hostels are safe or not. Read my article: Are Hostels Safe?

Hostels are very safe but if you think they are not or you would like follow old wise saying—prevention is better than cure—here are some few ways to keep your belongings safe:

1. Make good use of your locker.
A hostel that has no lockers is not a proper or a standard hostel; do not book them.
Book hostels that has lockers and make sure you make good use of them.
Valuable belongings—laptops, smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPods and many more—should be locked in your locker whenever they are not in use.

 2. Keep your clothes in your bag always.
If clothes are left lying around like they aren't for anyone, they will end mixing up with the clothes of another guest and he or she may accidentally take them away; someone can also steal them as well.

3. Your shoes should always be kept under the bed.
Leaving your shoe out in the open can probably invite people to wear them or steal them.  The only way to make sure it safe is by putting them under your bed or in your bag or locker.

4. Prevent outsiders from getting into the hostel rooms.
Do not allow strangers—people who has not booked a room at the hostel—enter your dorm rooms even if they are friends.

5. Always draw the reception attention to anything that you do not trust or understand.
Well, we as humans can sometimes sense the rightness and wrongness in certain  situations that occurs around us. If you are in a hostel room and you think something is not right, just go straight forward to the reception and draw their attention to it. You can even talk to the individuals incharge of security at the hostel.

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