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Dodi World: From Fun On A Luxurious Cruise Boat To Fun On An Activity Filled Island

Dodi Princess II on the Lake Volta

Dodi Princess II, a cruise boat that takes a maximum of 150 passengers, can only be found on the Volta lake at Akosombo in the Eastern region of Ghana; it takes tourists to and from the Dodi Island, an island situated in the Volta lake near the Akosombo dam.
Dodi Princess II on the Lake Volta
Dodi Island

As the tourists are on the boat, on their way to explore the island, they get to have a taste of what the boat has to offer; some of which  are great food, drinks, free WiFi, lots of entertainment and breathtaking views.

On the Dodi Island, tourists get to ride jet skis and indulge numerous activities.
If you want to visit the island with your kids, no worries, the island has a kiddi playground where kids can engage in exciting activities under the watch of experienced tour guides.

There is always live band music on both the Dodi Princess II and the Dodi Island.
Live band music on the Dodi Princess II

According to records, over a million tourists visit the island each and every year. So, if you have not yet visited, guess what, you are missing out on a lot.

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