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Best Hotels in Akosombo

Most of my blog readers kept on telling me to write about the best hotels in Akosombo so I decided to take some time off my busy schedule to visit all the hotels in the area; I am going to share with you today what I think about them.

I know you are probably asking whether these hotels you are about to read about have swimming pools or not; there are swimming pools in each of them.

1. The Royal Senchi Hotel.

Royal senchi has become one of the best hotels not just in Akosombo but the whole of Ghana, and Africa due to its luxurious settings, and the high standard of hospitality they offer. They are actually the best hotel in the area. Have a fun time there and make sure to hop into one of their boats, and explore the island which is not quite far from the hotel.

2. Volta hotel.

Provides one of the most beautiful and quiet environs in the whole community of Akosombo. It is also one of the oldest and luxurious hotels in the area.

3. Akosombo continental hotel.
A riverfront hotel with a mini zoo on the premises provides one of the magnificent views in the area.

4. Afrikiko riverfront hotel.
Just like the Continental and Royal Senchi hotel, it is a riverfront hotel. Its environment is really serene and beautiful. 

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