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A Hike To The Umbrella Rock

The umbrella-like rock which is popularly known as the umbrella rock is located in the the Eastern region of Ghana near the Boti waterfalls.
In order to hike to this popular rock, you would have to pay an entrance fee — ¢40 for Ghanaians and ¢50 for foreigners.
This entrance fee, if payed, gives you the opportunity to check out not only the umbrella rock but the Boti waterfalls, the ancient caves and the three-headed palm tree.

The hike takes about 35 minutes to an hour or more depending on how fast or slow you walk; you should probably take along a bottle of water because you are going to need it in the process of the hike.
Hiking to the place on holidays can be quite fun and amazing; this is because you would come across a whole lot of people including kids at the top of the mountain where the rock is located. Watch the video below:

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