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A Complete Backpacking Guide To Ghana

Ghana, a peaceful, friendly, terrorism-free, politically stable country, known to be endowed with beautiful unspoiled nature and dotted with beautiful  tourist destinations, is considered by many as the gateway to Africa and an ideal destination for any backpacker—including the solo ones and the first time travelers to Africa.

The country's coastal areas are  filled with several castles and forts which were used in the era of the slave trade, are still kept in good shape to serve as tourist site and an ideal location for anyone to learn the slave trade history of Ghana.

Ghana offers one of the most spectacular beachfront—dotted with beautiful hotel resorts—in the world.

You Need Vaccination To Go To Ghana

Yellow fever vaccination is required for any traveler who would like to enter Ghana.
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Backpacking Scene

Ghana, as we all know, is a very small country but has almost everything a backpacker would ever dream of.

The colonial era left some unforgettable marks — castles and forts — all over the beaches of Cape Coast, Osu, Elmina and many more.

Kakum national park with its evergreen forests, under a canopy walkaway and beautiful tree house is eye-catching and an ideal place for nature lovers.

Busua is the perfect destination for  surfing enthusiasts.

Asutuare in the greater Accra region is where beautiful stone buildings can be located.

Are Ghanaians Friendly?

Ghana is a country suitable for any kind of traveller. The most friendliest people on the African continent is Ghanaians. Whether you are in a hostels, a public transport, walking by the road, at beaches, in hotels, at tourist sites, in malls, etc you would be talked to by random locals and would be helped even before you ask.

Get A SIM card

Acquiring or owning a SIM card in Ghana is quite easy and very cheap. You can visit an office of the service provider — MTN, Vodafone and TigoAirtel are the popular ones — for your SIM card. Or you can easily buy one at the roadsides or in small service stores.
New SIM cards comes along with a little bit of credit for calls and internet bundles for browsing.

It will be in your own interest to buy credit and convert it into an internet bundle before surfing the internet.

Restaurants In Ghana
There are several restaurants in Ghana that serves different African and foreign cuisines.
If you are on a strict budget, buying roadside foods or eating at typically local restaurants known as Chop Bars would be the best choice.

                Restaurants In Accra

Languages Spoken in Ghana
English is the official language of Ghana but there are several widely spoken local languages as well. Some of these local languages includes Akan, Kotokoli, Ewe, Hausa, Krobo, Ga and many more.

Cheapest Public Transports

Trotro, the cheapest public transport in the country is ideal for any kind of traveler. A trotro provides an opportunity for travelers to socialize and talk to locals during short trips in the country.

The second cheapest public transport in the country is taxi. Taxis can be ordered for droppings, which is quite expensive than just picking them direct on a road to wherever you are off to.

Individuals who would find themselves in typical villages especially the ones in the northern part of the country should be prepared to sit on motorbikes. Make sure you request for a helmet.

Uber and any other online ordering of transport, is extremely active in Ghana.

Ghana, as anyone who has ever visited would say, is one of the most safest countries in Africa and the world at large.

Registering with the NIA (National Identification Authority) is a must for all foreign nationals resident in the country.

Traveling in the country is very safe because Ghanaians are super friendly and very open to tourists.

Pickpocketing is quite common in some overcrowded areas of the greater Accra region of Ghana. Make sure to keep an eye on your valuable belongings when walking through those areas.


The local Ghanaian dishes are quite addictive. I mean most people would like to come back to Ghana just because of the local food. Banku, fufu, jollof, wakye, tuozafi, kokonte, omutuo; rice balls, kelewele and many other delicious Ghanaian foods will make you feel like naturalizing for the country.


The beautiful beachfront of Ghana is a home to stylish beach resorts filled with beach huts.
The beach resorts in Accra, Cape Coast, Elmina, Busua, Cape 3 points and many more offers some of the amazing views you could possibly think of.

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Ghana is dotted with several hotels and hostels, ranging from cheap to moderate way up to expensive.

Bargaining power
You must improve your bargaining ability before visiting Ghana. Because if sellers realise you are not good at that, things would be sold to you twice the price — I call it the obroni price.

Making friends
If you would like to be seen as one of the coolest and unique foreigners, you should learn a few words and phrases from the popular local languages — Twi, Hausa, Kotokoli, Krobo, etc...

Knowing how to pronounce some basic words can boost your bargaining power and help prevent intense reduction of the size and weight of your wallet.

Making friends with the locals is quite easy due to how friendly the people are; they are very open to foreigners.

You are definitely going to make friends with your fellow backpackers as well because the country is been visited by backpackers all year round due to how it is ideal for any budget traveller and first time travelers to Africa.

You would meet most of them in the hostels in which you would be spending your nights during your stay.

The local currency is the Ghana Cedis. Foreign exchange is quite ideal and very effective in the regional capitals of the country.

If you do not want to carry huge sums of money around, you can register for a mobile money account with one of the network providers. Drop your huge sum of cash in it and widthraw it anywhere a mobile money agent is at anytime.

Prices you should expect
A meal: $1 — $5
A beer: $1— $2
A night at a hostel: $10 — $20

Short distance travel with a public transport— trotro or taxi: $1 — $3

Tourist attractions fees: $10 — $50

Some Of The Popular Tourist Destinations In The Country

The Mole National Park
This huge nature reserve is a home to almost all the elephants in Ghana. It is a home to rare vegetations; different species of birds, mammals, insects and reptiles.
If you are not interested in going there with a bus or taxi, there are flights available everyday of the week.
Do not miss out on the forest Jeep Safari when you visit this tourist site.

Kakum National Park
Meals are really important so do not forget try some tasty foods at the famous Forest Cooler Restaurant which is located at the premises of the kakum national park.

Notable tourist sites located near this rainforest includes the Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle and beautiful beaches.

Kakum National Park is perfect place to observe wildlife and take a lengthy canopy walk.
Craft shops are available at this tourist sites so you might want to carry money along to purchase something because you are definitely going to see crafts that would draw your attention.

Shai Hills
This area with its rocky hills dotted with ancient caves, forest, shrublands, savanna and wildlife,  is an ideal hiking location.
Do not forget to carry some bananas along; the super-friendly baboons would be really thankful.

Accra Plains
The Accra plains is a marvelous place for off-trail hikes. Its forest vegetation is known to be home to several different species of birds and over 300 species of plants.

Atewa Range Forest Reserve
This forest reserve known to be home to Conraua derooi — an endangered  frog species — was among the list of the Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International in the year 2001.

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