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7 Popular Ghanaian Foods You Should Probably Try When You Visit Ghana.

Most foreigners are in love with Ghana just because of how friendly Ghanaians are, the tourist attractions and of course the food.

Today let us take a look at some of the popular Ghanaian food you should try when you visit Ghana.

1) Banku

Banku is undoubtedly the most popular food in Ghana. It can be prepared by mixing corn dough and cassava dough and stiring it continuously on fire for some minutes.
Banku can be eaten with soup, stew or grinded pepper. Some of the soups used for eating banku includes groundnut soup and palm nut soup. And the most common stew is okro stew.

2. Fufu
Ffufu is also a very popular food in Ghana. It can be prepared by simply pounding a well cooked cassava in a local mortar with a pistil. Fufu can be eaten with groundnut soup, palm nut soup or light soup.

3. Tuo Zaafi (also known as TZ)

A lot of people cannot prepare Tuo Zaafi but I am telling you, they do love it.
Tuo Zaafi is normally eaten with a green soup prepared with  some local green leaves.

4. Kokonte
Kokonte is actually one of the Ghanaian foods that is known to have a whole lot of names. Some of its names are Abiti3, face-the-wall and many more.
Kokonte can be eaten with groundnut soup, okro stew or palm nut soup.

 5. Kenkey.
Kenkey is a Ghanaian food that is normally prepared with only corn dough. There are many types of kenkey but the two widely known ones are the Ga kenkey and the Fante kenkey.
Kenkey is normally eaten with pepper and fish.

7. Wakye ( can also be spelt Wache)
Wakye or Wache is also another famous food in Ghana.
This food can be prepared by cooking beans and rice together in the same pot at the same time.
Most Ghanaians love it.

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