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7 Most Beautiful Beaches In Ghana You Must Visit

I am still learning how to swim but that has not prevented me from visiting almost all  the beaches in Ghana.
We all love being at beaches for one reason or another.
Most people go to beaches just to swim; relax; enjoy the sea breeze, sand and sun.
Others on the other hand goes there to surf, exercise and of course write about them on their blog just like how I am doing now.

Well, if you are traveling to Ghana just to enjoy the beaches, then hey, you are in for a treat! In fact, beaches in Ghana has been one of the main reasons why people visit Ghana each and every time of the year.

The most popular beach—Labadi beach—is in Accra but almost all the beaches with clean water are found outside Accra, Ghana.

Here are the top 7 best beaches in Ghana at the moment:

1.  Labadi beach.

The labadi beach located in Accra is the most popular beach in Ghana. The beach is always busy with a whole lot of people engaging in different activities—swimming, sand arts, live music performances, acrobats and many more. There is always something for everyone to enjoy or engage in at the labadi beach.

2. Busua beach.

The beach at Busua— a resort village located in the Western Region of Ghana, about 40 kilometres west of Sekondi Takoradi, a 4 hour drive from the country's capital, Accra—is number two on our list of best beaches in Ghana because of its clean, calm and beautiful surroundings. Its water is very clear and clean as well.
The Busua beach is a perfect place to cool off on holidays and vacations; it is also a perfect spot for surfing.

And hey, there are several hotels at Busua to choose from; the Busua beach hotel—known for its amazing hospitality, recreation and delicious foods—is the most popular hotel among them all.

3. Kokrobite Beach.

The Kokrobite beach is also one of the most popular beaches in the country's capital, Accra.
 Rastafarians and individuals who enjoy reggae music always prefer spending most of their weekends, holidays and vacations at the Kokrobite beach.
It is found about 30km west of Accra.

4. Bojo Beach

You would definitely leave this beach with a whole lot of memorable memories. It is located in Bortiano. You would have to cross a river before you can get to the it.

5.Maranatha Beach Camp

This beach located at Ada Foah, a small town on the Volta Estuary, is the best place for budget travelers. With just a little fee, you would get access to a bed, electricity, shared toilet, a mosquito net and many more.

The view is just eye-catching. You would get to enjoy the sea and at the same time the Volta river since that is where they share border.

6. Anomabo Beach Resort

This beach is a very clean, friendly and  perfect place to cool off on holidays. Well equipped rooms, huts and many more accomodations are available for you to choose from if you would like to spend a night or more at the beach.

7. Ankobra Beach Resort

This beach located at Axim is a perfect place for individuals who would like to relax and calm down in a less noisy, uncrowded beach.

There are few more beautiful beaches I would be checking out very soon. Stay tuned because I would be adding them to the list as soon as I check them out.

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