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6 Reasons Why You Must Visit Ghana

I always tell any traveller I come into contact with that, ''If You Visit Ghana, A Part Of You Will Forever Remain There". Why do I tell them that? Well, I tell them that because whoever you are, wherever you are from, you will definitely and completely fall in love with the country and a piece of your heart will surely be left there. You will always desire to go back there over and over again. Ghanaians are just amazing.

In 2010, the World Economic Forum—ranking of the favourite tourist destinations in the world—placed Ghana 108th out of a total of 139 countries.
The country was listed fourth(4th) among nineteen (19) places to visit in the year 2019 by CNN.

 Here are six reasons why you should visit Ghana:

1. The most peaceful African Country.
Ghana is literally one of the most peaceful countries in Africa and the world as a whole. A country made up of different religions and ethnic groups yet everybody sees each other as one and a people of one country—Ghana. A 2017 ranking of most peaceful countries in the world placed Ghana 43rd.

2. The Food.
Fufu with lightsoup

This may sound as a surprise but it is an apparent truth; most travellers keep coming back to Ghana because of the local foods. I have a lot of foreign friends who keeps on talking about how they would like to come back to Ghana just because of the good food. Most of them have even gone further to learn how to prepare some of the popular local dishes—jollof, kelewele, banku, fufu, red red, tuozafi and many more.

Ghanaian dishes are very healthy and nutritious as well because most of the ingredients used in making them are grown naturally by the locals; their farm lands are very rich in organic nutrients so they do not require any artificial fertilizer and chemical to grow crops.

3. Ghanaians are very hospitable and super friendly.

Most travellers often visits Ghana several times each and every year just because of how amazing the people are.
Ghana was ranked the 11th most friendly country on the globe; and in Africa, it was ranked number one.
Ghanaians are naturally hospitable, friendly and very open to visitors. They treat visitors like their own people.
You do not need a Google map in Ghana, just ask even a kid for a direction and he or she will gladly take or show you wherever you want to go.

4. The Amazing And Popular Tourist Attractions.
Cape Coast Castle

Ghana is literally endowed with several tourist attractions that is why it is always listed as one of the favourite tourist destinations by various major media outlets.

Tourist destinations and attractions in the country includes the Wli waterfalls—the largest waterfall in West Africa; the Kintampo waterfalls; mountain, Afajato; the largest man made lake in the world by surface area—Lake Volta; Lake Bosomtwi; Osu castle; Elmina castle; the Mole national park; Kakum national park; UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Larabanga mosque; the beautiful beaches at Busua, Ada Foah and Accra; the Christianborg Castle; the Cape Coast Castle and many other jaw-dropping tourist destinations and attractions.

 5. The Culture.
The Ghanaian culture is highly diversified due to the existence of different ethnic groups in the country.
The ethnic groups includes the Mole-Dagbani, the Akan, Ga-Dangme, the Guan, the Ewe and the Gurma.
Everything is unique about any ethnic group's culture.
Numerous art festivals organised almost every year draws enthusiasts from all over the world. Example of such festivals is the colourful "Chale Wote Street Art Festival" which is organised once every year.
Chale wote street festival

6. Perfect tourist destination for budget travellers.
Budget travellers—backpackers, volunteers, interns and many more—who would like to experience a lot with just a little amount of money should probably turn their traveling attention to Ghana.
Things in Ghana are cheaper than that of other countries which are known to possess similar tourist attractions as Ghana. Low price hostels and hotels down to cheap public transports—locally referred to as "trotro"— are all available to choose from.

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