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6 Reasons Why Akosombo, Ghana Is A Perfect Holiday And Tourist Destination

You have probably heard of the largest man-made lake—by surface area—in the world, yeah it is located at Akosombo, a very serene and beautiful town located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Apart from its beauty and serenity, it houses several natural and artificial sceneries—attractions, resources—that makes it a perfect holiday and tourist destination.

In case you do not know why several individuals—including celebrities, presidents and many more—keep spending their holidays at Akosombo, here are 6 reasons:

1. Home to several luxurious hotel resorts.
There are a lot of hotel resorts in Akosombo but the biggest of them all that is worth visiting just to spend a night or more is the 4.5 Star hotel, Royal Senchi Resort.

It is where most of the celebrities hangout or goes just to relax during holidays. It has its own island which is apparently, a home to several different plant species.
There are several other highly rated hotels that would give you a perfect view of the Volta river; they include the Continental hotel, Afrikiko hotel resort, Volta hotel and many more.

The amazing thing about most of the Akosombo hotels is that, they are closer to the river Volta which gives the  opportunity to engage yourself in water related activities like swimming, riding of boats and many more.

2. Home to the famous Akosombo dam and the largest man-made lake by surface area.

You have probably heard of the popular Akosombo dam. Well, it is located in Akosombo. In the construction of the dam, a lake was needed in order for more water to be made available to turn the turbines; this led to the construction of the largest man-made lake (by surface area) in the world.

If you want to visit the dam site just to take a vivid look at it and the lake, simply go to Akosombo, ask for the location of the Ghana Commercial Bank. Their office is just behind it. Buy a ticket and a tour guide will be assigned to take you to the site. You can contact them via their active contacts: +233-302-6649-41-9  or +233-302-2744-400.
Do not forget to take your camera along because you would get a spectacular view of the lake, the Volta river, the range of mountains and the dam itself.

3. The Adomi bridge is just at Atimpoku.

On your way to Akosombo, do not forget to check out one of Ghana's huge bridges, the Adomi bridge at a small town called Atimpoku.

Checking it out requires no fee! Just walk on it and take spectacular pictures. In case you forget to take your camera along, do not worry at all, there are a whole lot of camera men there who are ready to take a picture of you at a fee and make its hardcopy available instantly for you to take home.

4. The Dodi Princess and the Dodi island is worth your time.

The Dodi Princess which is apparently the only cruise ship in Ghana, was built in the year 1977 in the Tema shipyard. In 1991, it was turned into a passenger ship—with a cocktail bar, a small pool, three decks, a barbecue area, a sick bay and many more—which traverses the largest man made lake (by surface area) in the world, lake Volta.

 Dodi island which is a few kilometres from the lake's shore is really worth visiting.

5. Jump into a canoe and explore the adventurous river Volta.

The best way to see the true nature of the Volta river is by exploring it with a small hollow shaped wooden structure widely known as a canoe. This gives you the opportunity to actually see the green plants, fishes and other aquatic organisms dangling colourfully in the peaceful and calm river.

You will get to see several beautiful hidden islands as well.
At just a little fee, the canoe owner can traverse the river with the canoe for few minutes or hours depending on your bargaining prowess.

6. Fishing for fun.

The Volta river is a home to several fishes especially tilapia and one-man-thousand. You can probably go fishing just to calm the mind. Most of the hotel resorts do have structures designed specifically for fishing. Get your hook and line ready and start catching some big fishes!

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