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4 Reasons Why Mixed Dorms Are The Best

Someone will ask: what is a mixed dorm? And why are they the best? Well, a mixed dorm is a hostel room that occupies different genders at the same time. According to most travelers—who has ever spent a day or more in mixed dorms—they are the best.

I myself have spent days in mixed dorms and it was just amazing; I truly agree with the majority who are in support of the idea that mixed dorms are the best.

The following are some few reasons why I think mixed dorms are the best:

1. They are very cheap!
The price of a mixed dorm is very cheap as compared to that of single-sex dorms, private rooms and any other hostel  room. If you are a traveler who is on a strict budget, I would advise you to always go in  for mixed dorms.

2. Mixed dorms are the quietest of all.
The most quiet hostel rooms are often the mixed dorms. This is because, naturally, both males and females behaves really well around each other. So hey, what people often say about mixed dorms, I mean how they portray them to be noisy is a pure myth. Mixed dorms are one of the quietest.

3. Mixed dorms are very safe.
Hostel rooms that occupies only females are considered unsafe by many since women are known to be frightened easily. Mixed rooms on the other hand is considered safe due to the availability of males in such rooms; males are seen to be less afraid of a lot of things hence can prevent anything bad from happening to the females in such rooms.

4. The best room to make new friends and get to know the opposite sex really well.
If you are a guy or lady who is always shy of the opposite sex, the best hostel room for you is the mixed dorm. Someone is a bit confused, why should an individual who is always very shy of the opposite sex share a room with them? Well, the more you face your fears, the more they becomes friendlier. So, just go in for mixed dorms during your travels and it will help you get to know the opposite sex so well, you can even end up becoming close friends with them.

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