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11 Fascinating Benefits Of Traveling

Is traveling really that important? Is it a good thing at all? Well, it is. In fact, it is one of the most important aspects of life everyone must venture. I often define traveling as a way of exploring the earth in an intriguing and fascinating chronological order.

Most people who used to exhibit undesirable behaviours and attitudes to nature, their fellow humans and their environment as a whole has however, turned over a new leaf since they started traveling to other countries in different continents with diverse cultures, traditions and customs. This is because they understand the world now.

In case you do not know how highly important traveling is to us as humans, here are a few points we have put together to heighten your desire to travel the world:

1. Sweet lifetime memories.
Memories are far more colourful than any beautiful pictures taken by any kind of special camera you can think of.
Memories sticks to us until death so it is worth filling our minds with beautiful ones and traveling, as we all know, is the best way to make that happen.
You would get to meet some of the most friendliest people in the world in the course of your travels. You would also get to see and experience amazing and beautiful things that would be very hard to forget.

2. Helps you develop tolerance for uncertainty.
In most cases, when traveling, things do not always go as planned but you would probably find a way to make things right no matter what.  For instance, not all African households has a washing machine but some travellers often gets there without knowing that and also not knowing how to wash clothes with their hands; this means if they lands in a house which does not have one, they would have to wash with their bare hands by hook or crook.
Surviving situations like that equips you with an absolute tolerance for any kind of uncertainty this life throws at you.

3. Increases your confidence level
Almost all travellers builds up confidence bit by bit as the number of countries they visit increases. This is because they have been able to survive several times outside their comfort zone (country). This shows them that, nothing is impossible hence they tackle every aspect of their lives—either work or marriage or any thing you can think of—with full confidence and less fear.

 4. Best way to understand people of different race with different cultures.
In most cases, we do not know why people behave the way they behave until we visit their homes or where they come from. For instance, Africans do not like eating, showing direction or passing on things to others with the left hand. You may not understand it quite well after reading about it on the internet or in a book until you visit  Africa to see for yourself.

I always tell most travellers I know that the best way to really and truly understand people is by living among them; reading about them on the internet or in a book only tells you what someone understands in his or her own perspective which should not be so. You should experience it and draw your own conclusions since we humans are not the same in terms of likes, hates and tastes.

5. Improves creativity.
Anyone—especially architectures, designers, musicians, footballers, artists and many more—who would like to improve their creativity and acquire magnificent experiences should engage themselves in traveling. When traveling, you would come across amazing things that are not often on the internet or shown on television.
There are talented footballers in typical villages who are literally skillful than most of the famous players on television but are not yet discovered so if you are a footballer, you can travel to such places to acquire much more skills in addition to what you already have.
Architectures for instance can improve their creativity by visiting different countries to just observe their way of designing buildings.

I mean it does not matter what your  profession really is, you can possibly gain much more skills about it by traveling to places where people share the same passion as you do.

6. Great way to meet new people and make new friends.
There is no better and perfect way to make new friends—with people who share similar views as you do—than traveling.
Well, you may think you are the only one who loves reading or hiking or anything you can think of but the truth is there are people who extremely enjoy such things more than you do in different other countries.
Travelling gives you the opportunity to meet them and increase the number of your similar-minded friends.

Lodging at hostels is one of the best ways to meet and make new friends with people who are also traveling just like you.

7. Travelling is the best way to have fun.
Well if you think being at the club or doing anything else apart from traveling is the best way to have fun then you are wrong. Travelling is literally the best way to have an extreme fun. You get to meet new people, learn about their culture, eat their food, visit tourist attractions and many more. It is known as having fun in a chronological order.

 8. Travelling improves communication skills.
Do you have a problem communicating, well, traveling according to experts, is one of the best ways to enhance or improve your communication skills. You sometimes gets to countries that are known to be English speaking countries where people speaks the English alright but with a very different accent that requires you to pay extreme attention to really get what they are saying. This and many other traveling situations that requires communication, one way or the other, improves communication skills significantly.

9. Best way to socialize and improve your socialization skills.
As I mentioned earlier, you would get to meet new faces with different cultural background during travels. This gives you the opportunity to mingle and interact with them and in the process, improve your socializing skills as well without you even noticing.

10. Makes you more independent.
Once you travel, you would realize that you would survive a whole lot of unexpected situations on your own without the help of anyone. This equips you with the morale that, you can do anything just fine on your own.

11. Travelling is the best and the easiest way to learn new languages.
Learning new languages from a book or the internet or a language teacher can be quite difficult.
The easiest way to learn new languages is by traveling to wherever that language originated from or wherever it is spoken most. For instance, if you want to learn French, go to France; English, go to England or America; German, go to Germany; Dutch, go to the Netherlands; Italian, go to Italy and Spanish, go to Spain.

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