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Advice: Building a house in Ghana, Africa with less money

I am a Ghanaian so I am just going to be talking about what I know as far as building beautiful houses with less money in Ghana (Africa) is concerned.

Well, a house is the number one property almost every Ghanaian prefers to have first before searching for additional ones; I guess it is the same around the globe.

Acquiring a piece of land in the countryside of Ghana is super easy and absolutely cheap as compared to the ones sold in the cities.

Be careful, watch out for fraudsters, do not buy lands with issues. Make sure the one you are about to by the land from is actually the real owner of the land.

Up your bargaining power because the price of almost everything in Ghana is negotiable.

Okay, now that I have shown you how to buy a piece of land at a cheaper price, let me take you through how to actually build on the piece of land at a low cost.

Buying already moulded building blocks is better than paying people to mould them for you.

Most builders in the country requires constant supervision; it ensures the right things are done and done on time.
If you can visit the building site every day to check out the progress of the building fine, if you cannot, make sure a relative or someone else you trust is always there to supervise.

If you are a foreigner trying to build in Ghana, make sure you do everything with a local or someone who has experience in construction in Ghana; he or she can help as far as bargaining is concerned when it comes to purchasing a land, building materials and paying of the individuals who would build for you.

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