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Shatta Wale needs international but not ‘maafia’ local awards - TV presenter

Youngest Television and Radio Personality and the CEO of Scary Hauz Entertainment Lennon Kweku Guy Guy has indicated that Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale is now bigger that the Vodafone Ghana music.

There is a crusade by a section of the media calling for a truce between Shatta Wale and the organisers of VGMA in order to get the artiste participate. But the presenter believes that the campaign is misplaced because Shatta Wale is now bigger than the awards scheme.

Lennon kweku Guy Guy noted that what Shatta Wale and his team should be concentrating on now is to break into the international market and ensure that the world gets to know his work.

Music awards are very important in the life of every musician just like how certificates are important when one completes a course but at this point, Shatta Wale doesn’t need VGMAs anymore. I REPEAT, Shatta Wale doesn’t need VGMAs anymore! Lennon added.

It’s time those of you ‘BEGGING’ Charterhouse to reinstate him should realise that the scheme has no RESPECT for hardworking artistes like Shatta Wale. They kicked him out because of his numerous public outrages but that doesn’t dilute the fact that he deserves more awards. Kanye West is worse than him but he was once Grammys all-time winner. We all know Wale is a bad guy (just like most of us) but he deserves some respect. And if Charterhouse is not willing to give him what is duly his, then he should ignore them.

What Wale needs now is more prestigious international awards, not ‘local mafia awards’. I am talking about the Channel Os, MTVs, BETs, MOBOs, KORA, or even Grammys. And to make this possible, he and his team have to break the ‘almost unbreakable’ international distribution deadlock.

You would be stupefied to know that I conducted a survey last year to know the top Ghanaian artistes making waves on the international market (Africa) and out of seven countries (Tanzania, Zambia, Liberia, Uganda, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, and South Africa), some music lovers know the name ‘Shatta Wale’ but haven’t heard a single record he has produced. It’s like his name has run past his works, and that’s one serious issue his team has to tackle. He should invest his money in distribution because that’s the only key to opening the international ‘floodgate’.
Secondly, he should align with local and international media, radio and club DJs, presenters and influencers to push his brand outside Ghana and Africa. Finally, he has to work on his brand and invest more in his visuals. VGMAs should be his back case.

They never nominated Rocky Dawuni until he set records with Grammys. This MAFIA VGMAs will always disrespect our hardworking artistes so they (our artistes) have to find a better plan B.

Source: Ghanaweb

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